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Welcome to the Hadite photo galleries. The photos on the first few pages are pretty much from the years of 1967 to 1970. I took a lot of these myself but there is also quite a few that people have sent me. The DC Reunion photos were taken by a number of old classmates, with a few from me thrown in. The Miscellaneous photos are from the years after we left Heyford, all the way up to now, so if you were wondering how old friends turned out, you'll want to check those out. The Sedona Reunion photos are from the mini-reunion a few of us had back in 2001, in Sedona, Arizona and the UK Reunion photos are from a reunion that Hadites who are living in England had in 2002. There's also one hundred photos from the 2003 Las Vegas reunion.

The old photos continue to show up as we find more missing Hadites. Gwen Pittman '73 just sent sixteen that can be found on the Photos 4 page. Thanks Gwen!! 
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Song: "Those Were the Days". Originally recorded by Mary Hopkin.
'69 senior class officers
Ben Lofton '69
Sue White '70
Medora Needham '70
Bonnie Rust '70
Ken Shaw '69
Mark Johnson '69
Hadites 1968
Tina Simmons '69, Pat Miller '71, Kathy Carroll '69 (background)
Ron Chatham '69
Armor Boyd '69
Denise Humble '70, Dann Cox '69
Pam Carroll '69
Ben Lofton '69, Mike Virostko '68
Ben Lofton '69, Armor Boyd '69
Evelyn (Lyn) Lehrman '71
Mark Johnson '69, Gary Crandell '69, Mike Virostko '68
Sky Kings 1968
Mr. Hattam, Kathy Carroll '69
Richard Espinosa '70
Pat Wolverton '71
Susan Rust '67
Ron Chatham '69, Sue White '70, Jr. Prom 1968
Mike Brown's  '69 trademark
Mike Miller '69, Ben Lofton '69, Armor Boyd '69, Bob Feller '69
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