Kathy Carroll Cedrone '69 and John Davis '69
At the buffet
Vivian Vazquez '70, Denise Humble '70 and Kay Pittman '70
Vivian Vazquez '70, Kay Pittman '70 and Pat Wolverton '71
Hadite Ladies
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Reunion souvenirs, like this coffee mug, are still available in the Hadite souvenir shop!!
The 2003 reunion was held on Friday, July 18 through Sunday, July 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Treasure Island resort hotel. Although the reunion didn't officially start until Friday, a large number of Hadites arrived early, including Becky Broshar Gordon '73 and Ed Whitney Jr. '73, who were married on Tuesday, July 15th. Congratulations you guys!! Friday's activities included a poolside cocktail party and buffet, followed by a lot of partying into the early morning hours.

A business meeting was held bright and early on Saturday morning, at 8:00AM... apparently too bright and early for most Hadites as only a handful showed up to discuss pending Hadite matters, such as possible sites for the next reunion, the reunion organizing committee, and the need to find an editor for the newsletter. There was also a discussion about putting the Hadite Address Directory on a CD instead of making hard copies, which would save the Alumni Association a lot of money in printing and mailing costs--much thanks to Fred Antrobus for his input in this matter. Finally, there was also much discussion about how the Alumni Association can keep everyone better informed of events and issues. Please visit Upgrades Etc for more information regarding the 2006 reunion, and to vote for your choice of locations. One thing I would like to mention about this meeting is that all of those present were from the classes of 1968 through 1979... there was nobody from 1980 or later, which is unfortunate because we need to hear from all of the classes for the Alumni Association to be able to respond to everyone's expectations.

The dinner and dance was held Saturday night in the Treasure Island ballroom and was highlighted by class photos, door prizes, recognition of Alumni Association officers (Candy Falder, Treasurer and Lyn Pool, Database keeper) and a special award was given to Dan Kubicek, webmaster of Upgrades Etc, which is the official UHHS-CHS Alumni Association website. Way to go Dan!! The biggest round of applause though was for the 1968 Hadite football team which was the first Hadite team ever to beat Lakenheath (14-7). Several members from the team were present and took a well deserved bow!! It wasn't mentioned but that same team also recorded the first ever Hadite varsity football victory when they beat Brussels 18-6 in the first game of the season that year. After the dinner and recognition ceremonies, a DJ started cranking out the music and then it was off to the casino and bars for more partying. The Sunday morning breakfast went by much too fast as a large number of Hadites gathered to say their goodbyes. This was the third reunion I've been to, and the goodbyes seem to get harder each time. It was soooooo good seeing old friends, and meeting people in person that I only knew from online. It was also great meeting Hadites for the first time. I think everyone should go to at least one reunion in their lifetime, it will be an experience you will never forget. Much thanks to Norma Hernandez '77 and everyone else involved with putting this reunion together and making it happen, and most of all, thanks to all the Hadites who were there to share the moment. If you weren't able to go this time, hopefully I'll see you next time!! 
Leoma Needham '72, Medora Needham '70, Sue White '70, Jeff White
John Davis '69, Medora Needham '70
Class of '70 ladies
Gary Crandell '69, Bob Cloudman '68, Mike Virostko '68, John Davis '69
Medora Needham '70,  Leoma Needham '72
Richard Stiles '68
Becky Robinson '69
Mike Miller '69
Leoma Needham '72
Gary Crandell '69 and Jan Crandell
Roger Rasch and Linda Cox Rasch '78
Patty Back Madrid and Gary Crandell '69
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68'ers and friends
More 68'ers and friends
Much thanks to the following Hadites who have contributed to these pages:
Kathy Carroll Cedrone '69
Sue White Wolfsberger '70
Richard Stiles '68
Darryl Houser '72
Cathy Newman Brown '68
John Davis '69
I apologize to anyone in the photos who is unidentified, I'm working on it ok? Thanks!!
John Driver '68 and Jenny Hitchcock '68
Ann Sewell '68, Barb Fishbein '68. Jenny Hitchcock '68
Jenny Hitchcock '68
John Davis '69, Mike Virostko '68, Martin Alder '69, Charlie Brown '68
Treasure Island resort hotel
Kathy Carroll '69, Teri Davis, Kay Pittman '70
Torger Totusek '70
Becky Broshar Whitney '73
Mike Miller '69
Julie Peacock Hinton '83
Kim McLeod '74
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